seo_bannerOne of the biggest tasks of any website/portal owner is to improve the traffic to his/her website. But gaining traffic to a relatively unknown website is almost impossible without the help of a search engine. But the use of a search engine does not ensure an increase in the traffic unless your website appears in the first page of the “search result” or anywhere in the first three pages of the “search result”.

This is where the process of SEO comes into play. It involves certain simple techniques that will guide the search engine to your website in an effective manner whenever a user types in a particular word/phrase/sentence that is related to your website. This action by the search-engine will result in increasing the visibility of your website to the public which naturally tends to increase the traffic. So here are some useful tips to get the best traffic with the help of a search engine via SEO methods.seo-banner

Select The Best Keyword/Keywords:

Keywords is the integral part of a SE Optimization and whenever you submit these keywords of your website to the search engine, make sure that you have selected the best keyword/keywords. The ultimate aim is to get traffic, so the main thing is to think what the public thinks. So select a keyword that is used most frequently by the public so that the search-engine does not find any glitch in locating your website.

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There are certain other things to be noted while using keywords. Many might think that since most search-engines go by keywords, stuffing in keywords may increase the traffic. This is a misconception and keywords should not be overused and if used, it may result in your website being sidelined by the search engine on regards of malpractices. The other important thing to be noted is that optimum use of Meta tags in each website will result in gaining prominence in all these are through indexing.

Proper Submission and Getting Indexed Properly:

The other important thing to be noted while using SEO is that most search engines use crawlers to locate a particular website. So it is of utmost importance that all pages of your website are submitted properly to any particular engines and getting them indexed properly. If this is done, then you need not worry about traffic from other search-engines also. The reason I say this is because all are interlinked between each other and gaining prominence in one search-engine automatically ensure popularity in other engines too.


The Technique of URL Normalization:

URL normalization is the best way of getting noticed by the search-engine when your website is relatively new. The concept is standardizing your website link in a manner that the website has only one main link. For example, a website may have multiple links, but use of one normalized or standardized link will ensure greater preference by the search engine.

Other method that has to be mentioned is link building, where you get into a cordial agreement with other websites to promote your website and vice versa. This is a very good technique in gaining immense traffic to your website.